Seasonal Splendor

Seasonal Splendor

As the weeks of early fall tick by, trees burst with color, launching a wave of red, yellow, and orange. And in cities and towns of every size, orchards across the country pop with apples— a favorite fall fruit.


Colorful Changes

Litchfield, Connecticut
In the northwest corner of the state, historic Litchfield is convenient to New York City, Boston, and Hartford. Its place among the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains offers prime viewing for fall foliage and makes it an ideal getaway that combines cozy inns and quaint shops.

The Ozark Mountains
Numerous roads wind through this region that straddles Arkansas and Missouri (and spreads slightly into portions of Oklahoma and Kansas). Because of the many byways and side roads, traffic here during the fall is more manageable than in other spots. Self-guided tours average two to three hours, but visitors are lured by gristmills, caverns, and other back-road adventures that often turn into side trips. Streams, wildlife, rock formations, and old farms accent the colorful backdrop.

The Smoky Mountains
The one hundred species of trees found here place this region of Tennessee among the most popular spots to enjoy fall foliage, usually hitting its peak between mid-October and early November. Great Smoky Mountains National Park attracts more visitors than any other national park, and the autumn visitor count rises as leaves change colors. Crowds can be particularly dense in areas like Cades Cove, but on the eastern side of the park, Cataloochee offers comparable views minus the traffic jams.

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  1. I am abundantly blessed with God’s slideshow of breathtaking colour in the Autumn months. New England is such a beautiful place to be to see His artistry and I am so happy to have had yet another wonderful Autumn to experience and see this spectacular colour. While all of my maples have already shed their leaves, there are still other trees which are alive with reminders of the season.

    Autumn has always been my favourite season and the coolness of the days along with the colours create a time for reflection and thanksgiving for all the year has brought me.

    Yes, I am very blessed to live in New England !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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