Royal Blue Beauty

Royal Blue Beauty

Visitors to the factory will be pleased to find that there is a museum on-site featuring, among its many attractions, Rembrandt’s renowned painting The Night Watch replicated in blue-and-white tiles. There are also numerous exhibits depicting the company’s evolution through the centuries.

Blue-and-white dinnerware is timeless; it is just as lovely today as it was when it first captured the hearts of hostesses all those years ago. As the only existing Delftware pottery in the city, Royal Delft proudly carries on the traditions of the past while continuing to attract new generations of admirers.

Text Karen Callaway
Photography Anneke Gambon and Stephanie Welbourne Steele
Styling Melissa Sturdivant Smith

To learn more about Royal Delft, see “Royal Blue Beauty” in the January/February 2019 issue, available on newsstands and at


  1. There is another authentic delftware factory not far away.
    I was at Royal Delft last week and their tour guide was very proprietary about Royal Delft being the best.
    It is indeed beautiful and very expensive.
    You can still buy delftware made in Holland for less. And yes there are Chinese knock offs that are poor quality.


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