Royal Blue Beauty

Royal Blue Beauty

At the firm’s headquarters at the Rotterdamseweg in Delft, master artisans continue to create the beloved hand-painted porcelain dinnerware that carries the Royal Delft name. Painters train for a number of years to attain the level of skill required to complete what amounts to individual works of art. Using brushes made of marten and squirrel hair, artists apply a water-based paint that goes on black but turns blue in the firing process. Each piece bears the Royal Delft mark, which incorporates a tiny jar as a nod to the original name.


  1. There is another authentic delftware factory not far away.
    I was at Royal Delft last week and their tour guide was very proprietary about Royal Delft being the best.
    It is indeed beautiful and very expensive.
    You can still buy delftware made in Holland for less. And yes there are Chinese knock offs that are poor quality.


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