Resplendent Harvest Decorations

Seasons Grace

After the harvest, amidst amber fields, sprawling orchards, and towering trees ablaze in hues of crimson, saffron, and plum, a gathering table equally as brilliant is likely to emerge. Here, anchored on a canvas of the deepest midnight blue, the most evocative shades of autumn steal the show.

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  1. Victoria Magazine has for many years brought a refreshment ,and exploration of the niceties of our world to me not offered by any other source. The folks who make the pages so spectacular with their talents of writings and photography bring a pleasant relief to those who thirst for such when they open your pages. Thank You!

  2. I live in Montreal, Canada and I use to be able to buy Victoria’s magazine at Walmart. However, the store does not seem to sell it anymore.

    Any idea where I could buy it? I’ve been reading your magazine for years and I just love it.


  3. You had me at the blue tablecloth! I had no idea you were online and need to play catch up with your articles and eye candy. I have a large stack of your magazines collected over the years stashed in my ‘magazine closet’. No kidding, when we built our home I had the builder build a closet with shelves to house my collection.

    I crave color and the gentle decorating Victoria brings. I am so glad for the inspiration!


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