Reborn Relics Home: Reinventing History

Reborn Relics Home: Reinventing History

From their offices in Little Rock, Debi and her team use timeworn fragments for inspiration as they sketch new designs for everything from mirrors and consoles to headboards. Many of the original pieces are found in Debi’s residence. After the prototype concepts are fine-tuned, the artisans take over.

Reborn Relics Home: Reinventing History

Detailed, high-quality moulds are created from existing remnants; they are filled with resin and allowed to set. Craftsmen will then build the framework, whether it’s a coffee table set on acanthus-leaf pedestals or a mirror with a Greek key topper.


  1. I simply love Victoria magazine! Whether it is the Christmas issue to put me into the festive spirit or the spring issue to lift my spirits after months of dreary winter cold, or a trip to France via the French issue, or to Britain via the British issue, I always know that I shall find inspiration, comfort and delicious recipes in each issue.
    Thank you to all at Victoria for a job well done.


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