Pure and Simple: Napa Soap Co.

Napa Soap Co.

Supporting Napa Valley growers and other local companies has always been important to Sheila. She uses locally grown and harvested ingredients, such as lavender, herbs, beeswax, and honey in many of the products. Antioxidant-rich cold-pressed grape-seed oil and grape seeds, beneficial by-products of the famed Napa wine industry, are used in many products, as are the wines produced just a few miles away. “Using local products enables us to share some of this beautiful area with our customers,” Sheila says. “Our tag line is ‘There’s a little Napa Valley in everything we make.’ ”

The classic bar soaps are infused with emollient vegetable-based oils and are deliciously scented with everything from basil to black olives. Sheila’s favorite product—rich, silky body butter —contains brown sugar and white wine for an ultraluxurious feel. Other offerings include grape-seed-oil-infused shower gel, sugar scrub, liquid soap, hand lotion, and an entire line of environmentally friendly housekeeping products, such as dish soap, aromatherapy diffusers, and kitchen cleanser.


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