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Two Lives by Reeve Lindbergh


Victoria’s 2020 Writer-in-Residence reconciles the seemingly separate worlds of fame and privacy, even finding a “certain sweetness” when they intersect.

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“It seems to me now that fame, like disease or war, is the enemy of normal human life,” writes Victoria Writer-in-Residence Reeve Lindbergh. The author is the youngest daughter of Anne Morrow and Charles A. Lindbergh, two of the most famous people of the twentieth century, who, ironically, both intensely cherished privacy. In her latest book, Lindbergh reflects on striving for balance between navigating her role as the public face of her family while, at the same time, leading a very quiet existence in rural Vermont. After devoting years to keeping separate her “Lindbergh life” and her everyday moments on the farm, she now finds herself able to make peace with both sides of her personal journey.


By Reeve Lindbergh
Paperback: 136 pages
Brigantine Media: January 2018


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