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Bountiful Blooms Note Cards Note Cards: Featuring photography from our pages, this frame-worthy stationery brings the beauty of Victoria to the cherished custom of writing correspondence.This assortment includes 10 (4.625×6.5-inch) blank note cards tied with pale blue ribbon and enclosed in a decorative gold box with a clear cover. Designed with our readers in mind, these thoughtfully curated collections present a treasury of gorgeous images from the magazine you love.


The Art of Flowers: Long before the first blossoms come into view, a symphony of fragrances stirs the air in a redolent greeting. An arched trellis, scarcely visible beneath an outpouring of roses, opens to a path lined with lacy hydrangeas, cape jasmine, and sweet oleander. The anticipation of what lies ahead is almost as heady as the aroma of the blooms themselves, and then the full garden emerges in a scene so magnificent it takes one’s breath away. Victoria: The Art of Flowers, the latest hardcover book from the editors of Victoria magazine, invites readers to savor quiet moments amid nature’s most cherished gifts.

Divided into three enticing sections, this exquisitely photographed volume offers page after page of floral pageantry. Beginning with Scents and Sensibility, we celebrate the romantic charms of beloved blossoms. Scattered among gorgeous images, find helpful guidelines for growing and displaying such favorites as roses, tulips, and peonies. In this chapter, while away the afternoon roaming the Nova Scotia paradise cultivated by noted Canadian gardener Carolyn Aiken. A Gardener’s Palette provides inspiration for developing a signature scheme, whether highlighting a single hue or showcasing a vibrant array of colors. Meet Erin Benzakein in this chapter—the owner of Floret Flower Farm in Washington’s Skagit Valley is recognized as the leading farmer florist in the United States.

Discover a treasure trove in Bountiful Bouquets, a section brimming with ideas for creating glorious arrangements. Teresa H. Sabankaya, a pioneer of the slow flower movement, conveys the sweetest of sentiments through the language of floriography. Along with a medley of the California floral designer’s prettiest posies, find a variety of other stylists’ expressions in centerpieces ideal for gracing the table, adorning a guest room, or adding interest to the veranda. Wherever they are placed, these fresh and lovely accents lend a breath of life to their surroundings.

Beautifully bound and pure bliss to peruse, Victoria: The Art of Flowers is certain to delight anyone captivated by botanical splendor.


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