Prints Charming: Blue Calico by Burleigh

Blue Calico

Though Burleigh’s Calico design was first made in the 1960s, it was inspired by earlier Victorian pieces which trace their roots to blue-and-white Chinese porcelain. The floral pattern, which mixes beautifully with other ceramic pottery in the same two hues, offers a bright note to any table setting.

Photography Stephanie Welbourne

To learn more about Burleigh’s Calico design, see “Prints Charming” on page 97 of the September 2016 issue of Victoria.


  1. has a lot – some made by Burleigh, some by Crownford – it’s been my kitchen china for 44 years, and I still love it. I especially like the serving pieces – pitchers, serving bowls, platters, sugar bowls – very sweet, timeless china.

  2. I have been collecting Calico Blue Burleigh for 45 years and am now finding it hard to find There are a few pieces such as the hen on nest that I have not been able to find now when I can afford them Also the Crownford Stamp has been discontinued The only place I find any of it is on EBay and Etsy Can you help?

  3. Yep – it’s lovely and a friend, Lois Ghost, had a valuable antique collection of the child’s tea set sizee – splattered when her
    husband painted the wall and it all came crashing down. A word to the wise – don’t let your husband paint near any shelves !


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