Prints Charming: Blue Calico by Burleigh

A classic blue-and-white design scheme has timeless appeal, whether used for whole-house interiors or simply to provide a cheerful note here and there. An especially pretty way to incorporate this beloved color combination into home décor is by displaying collections of dinnerware, and one of the most sought-after patterns is Blue Calico by Burleigh.

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  1. has a lot – some made by Burleigh, some by Crownford – it’s been my kitchen china for 44 years, and I still love it. I especially like the serving pieces – pitchers, serving bowls, platters, sugar bowls – very sweet, timeless china.

  2. I have been collecting Calico Blue Burleigh for 45 years and am now finding it hard to find There are a few pieces such as the hen on nest that I have not been able to find now when I can afford them Also the Crownford Stamp has been discontinued The only place I find any of it is on EBay and Etsy Can you help?

  3. Yep – it’s lovely and a friend, Lois Ghost, had a valuable antique collection of the child’s tea set sizee – splattered when her
    husband painted the wall and it all came crashing down. A word to the wise – don’t let your husband paint near any shelves !

  4. Staffordshire Blue Calico by Burleigh is NOT China, but ironstone. I had a collection of it and serving pieces and a huge double collection of Liberty Blue Bicentennial pieces that were stolen when my house was broken into during the pandemic. I had been collecting since 1965 when I graduated from high school. Try, or your local antiques stores. Don’t give up … keep searching. If you love it believe me it’s worth it.


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