Preview Victoria Classics’ Flowers and Gardens

Victoria Classics’ Flowers and Gardens

Victoria ClassicsFlowers and Gardens special issue brings you the verdant, bloom-filled landscapes of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, with its ambrosial blend of fragrances; the botanical wonderland of Bellingrath Gardens; and the sculptured acres of bright, lovely flora at The Huntington. A handpicked selection of private homeowners reveals the transformations behind their lush, personal retreats, including lovingly tended herb, vegetable, and flower gardens. Also: Explore the manicured lawns of the illustrious Agecroft Hall, an Elizabethan manor transported from England to Virginia.

Take a closer look at some of our favorite Flowers and Gardens features:

Victoria Classics’ Flowers and Gardens

Legacy of Loveliness
When Bessie Bellingrath began planting azaleas at her husband’s fishing camp on the Fowl River near Mobile, no one could have imagined just what this fertile plot of south Alabama soil would become.

Wonders Among the Stones
The Pine Tree State’s distinctive shoreline features miles of rugged, rock-edged peninsulas marked by towering conifers and tide-chiseled coves. Amidst this unique landscape lies a beautiful surprise: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Victoria Classics’ Flowers and Gardens

Abloom on a Distant Shore
Manicured lawns frame illustrious Agecroft Hall, a centuries-old English manor that was dismantled in the 1920s, transported across the Atlantic Ocean, and reconstructed to become the showplace of an American village.

Victoria Classics’ Flowers and Gardens

Sotto Voce: A Hushed Garden Palette
When homeowners Eric and Diana Hansen purchased their Jazz-Age home, they bought not just a six-lot property, but also a rich heritage, ready to be preserved.

Victoria Classics’ Flowers and Gardens

A Culinary Retreat
Hidden behind a proper period home and protected with a white picket fence lies a garden filled with flowers throughout the summer. Even beyond that bounty, this Connecticut herb garden is redolent with delectable scents.

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  1. Why is it so hard to order Classics on the blog and / or email? I already subscribe and would like a submit for the latest Flowers and Garden Classic. Where and how. WE do not receive Classics in the town where I live in any stores.

  2. I am looking forward to receiving this issue! I understand the publication date is Tuesday, 09 May and I can not wait!

    In the New England area, we are just starting to come alive with Spring and this Victoria Classics issue is coming at the perfect time! I hope everyone enjoys the Spring and this great new Classics issue!

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

    • Last evening I found a copy of this new Classics issue and today spent the morning on the terrace looking at every page with great delight!

      Victoria did an amazing job again on this special issue and I am falling in love with every garden and every bloom!

      God bless!

      Brandon Hartford
      Te Deum Cottage

      • Brandon, you say you found a copy of this new Classics, does this mean you found it in a store? If so can you say the name of the store? Thank you.

  3. I have only just received an email notice for this special Classics Flowers and Garden issue today June 16, 2017. A bit late? Is this Flowers and Gardens issue sold only online or can it be purchased in stores?


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