Preview the English Cottage 2018 Issue

Preview the English Cottage 2018 Issue
Photography by Jane Hope

With a history spanning five centuries, the breathtaking selection of homes in Victoria ClassicsEnglish Cottage 2018 issue honors the legacy of the past while bringing an updated sense of contemporary traditionalism to the fore. Explore the well-appointed interiors of a fifteenth-century guildhall, a Georgian rectory, a Victorian beach cottage, and more. From Suffolk to Yorkshire, find fresh inspiration in designs where old meets new and beauty reigns supreme.

Take a closer look at some of our favorite English Cottage features:

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  1. I am extremely excited about this special Classics issue !! I have since ordered the issue and impatiently await its arrival !

    I absolutely love the English way of life – even if the golden days are long since past. Cottages in England are so cozy, unique. and comfortable – who wouldn’t enjoy living in one of these beautiful homes ? With plentiful English ancestry, I find the love of English cottage/village life alive in my DNA and I feel most comfortable and ‘at home’ when decorating and gardening in what I call the English Style.

    Victoria has created some beautiful and awe-inspiring Classics issues and the English Cottage theme is indeed one that I look so forward to. Just thinking about this new issue makes my pulse race and I am instinctively craving a pot of tea and homemade scones created in my collection of Mason & Cash mixing bowls. Who would like to join me?

    Thank you Victoria for publishing this issue and bringing a smile to my face as I still live with snow, ice, and the cold temperatures of a New England winter. Time to start a fire and get the tea kettle on….

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

    • Ditto to everything you said, Brandon. I will look into ordering this issue as we prepare here in Connecticut to be slammed with snow tomorrow.

  2. I love this….and I love Brandon Hartford’s response!
    I also have a lot of English ancestry , although I live in the U.S. in New England , in the state of Maine. I love the rocky coast and reminds me a bit of England.


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