Pretty Pumpkins Amidst a Roaring Fire

Outdoor fireplace and soup Victoria magazine

Tantalizing aromas hint at the essence of hearty Chicken-and-Root-Vegetable Stew. Indulging the palate with a garden variety of tastes and textures, a flavorful harvest simmers in savory broth. Is it possible that as daylight shortens during autumn, the waning sun burns more brilliantly? Soak up these ephemeral yet luminous hours in the sanctuary of a loggia dressed in fall finery. Whether relished in solitude, devoted to the company of a loved one, or enjoyed among a merry gathering of neighbors, the memories of times shared in such a resplendent setting linger. 

For more of this story and other autumn recipe ideas, see “Autumn Around an Open Hearth” and “A Bountiful Harvest Repast” in our October 2014 issue of Victoria magazine. 



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