Picking a Perfect Pumpkin

FOR BAKING, the smooth, sweet flesh of Winter Luxury holds up well to roasting and yields perfect pies. White webbing distinguishes the exterior of this variety, introduced in 1893.

FOR CARVING, Cinderella is a classic choice for its red-orange skin, wide girth, and dramatic lobes. Another exemplary jack-o’-lantern, Phat Jack stands taller and is noted for its thick handle.

FOR DISPLAY, size and hue are often deciding factors. The petite Casperita retains its clean white appearance and green stem through the season, while the slightly larger Baby Bear boasts vivid orange color. With the potential to reach twenty pounds, One Too Many draws attention with an alabaster shell with delicate red veining.

Text Melissa Lester
Photography Georgianna Lane
Styling Melissa Sturdivant Smith

For more seasonal beauty, a visit to Gordon Skagit Farms, and tips on selecting the perfect gourd, see “Pumpkin Promenade” on page 57 in the October 2017 issue of Victoria magazine.




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