Peaks of Perfection: Dreamy Meringue Desserts

Peaks of Perfection

Escape winter’s doldrums, and let it snow with dreamy desserts that are knee-deep in meringue. Light as air and soothingly sweet, these ethereal confections deliver a slice of sheer bliss.

Above left: Our enchanting Vanilla Bean Cake laced with fluffy layers of meringue buttercream icing brings a sweet finish to a savory winter meal. Flawlessly blended, the wispy buttercream is enhanced with vanilla bean seeds to intensify the flavor. Above right: Semifreddo, the Italian expression for “half cold,” is a tasty companion for any dessert coffee. Flavored with espresso and amaretti, the creamy, meringue-like concoction is infused with brewed espresso and cocoa nibs.

Coconut Meringue Pie

Mouthwatering Coconut Meringue Pie offers a tropical oasis in the middle of winter. Made with a classic deep-dish piecrust, this sublime favorite is densely rich with a creamy, coconut-flaked filling. Island-inspired and topped with an immense layer of swirling Swiss meringue, it will undoubtedly bring sunshine to the table for all your snowbound guests. 

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