Passionately Fashioned: Artistry of Floral Design with SEMIA

Semia Dunne

Semia’s creations are defined by the emotional experience one has with the natural environment. The arrangements that come to life through her innovative work certainly awaken the senses and set hearts aflutter in any environ. In fact, her romantic and whimsical installments have been celebrated all over the country and even as far afield as France.

The “intoxicating, perfect shade of red” of the ‘Topeka Garnet’ peony stirred the artist to construct an irresistible bouquet based on the unique colorways found in Electric Moon’s quaint field. Bursts of fuchsia and magenta from additional varieties complete this cheery display. But Semia’s biggest assets, the love and intention behind crafting each posy and the story it tells, is what presents a lasting impression, living long beyond the bloom itself.

Text Kassidy Abernathy
Photography Christine Chitnis
Floral Styling Semia Dunne

Learn more about Semia Dunne’s floral designs here and on Instagram. To tour Electric Moon Peony Farm, see “Nurturing Blooms” in our May/June 2022 issue, available on newsstands and at


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