Painting with Petals

Painting with Petals

While the configurations themselves are ephemeral, the art is not. Using a full-frame, mirrorless camera, Bridget takes a photograph of the design; the resulting prints have a three-dimensional quality. Bridget has also produced a book, The Art of Flora Forager , and two journals—all brimming with her foliage-embellished art. “Nature is there, just outside your door, ready to show you its beauty,” says Bridget. “It may be hidden under the ground or inside a bud, but it is ever searching, growing, and inspired to find light. We can learn from that desire, and in turn, create our own magic.”

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Text Karen Callaway
Photography Georgianna Lane

To see more natural beauty arranged by Bridget Collins, see “Painting with Petals” in the Flowers & Gardens 2020 issue, available for purchase on newsstands and in our online shop.

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