Painting a Line in the Sand

Painting a Line in the Sand

Each day, the painters choose the scene they wish to capture, and once they’ve established perspective, reflected light, and addressed other crucial factors, work begins. They paint at a fast pace, finishing one painting before lunch and beginning a new one after. By four o’clock, the ladies return to Mary Rose’s sunlit studio for afternoon tea and to chat about their day.

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  1. Absolutely love these paintings by the very talented ladies and artists. Would appreciate info on where and when their work will be on display to the public. Also, is there an E-Mail directly to them to inquire about their paintings that they sell to help to keep the beautiful cottages in this place of wonderment in Florida. I grew up visiting an aunt in Tampa. We would always visit Clearwater Beach when I was a child . I know that alot has changed in these places I visited and loved as a child. I would be interested in finding out more about their beloved Indian Rocks Beach and surround areas. Thank you ladies for your beautiful artworks and hope your future endeavors will help to keep this place the same for years to come!

    Thanks to Victoria Magazine for this interesting article and I look forward to many more to come.


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