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Our Hearts are in England Preview

The editors of Victoria invite you to join us in dreaming of a world of stunning beauty overflowing with heritage, enduring romantic charm, and incomparable grace. Our Hearts Are in England  is an idyllic sojourn through this “green and pleasant land” of scenic byways and quaint villages, glorious gardens, and quintessential cottages. Filled with lush photography and enchanting prose, this exquisitely bound 232-page hardcover book is one to savor as we voyage together in search of England’s very essence.

As part of Victoria’s editorial, we devote one issue a year to England, both in honor of the magazine’s namesake and to share with readers the people, homes, and sites that make this country truly remarkable. Timeless traditions, including the custom of afternoon tea, reflect a genteel spirit also displayed through the art of needlework and in the cultivation of roses. Our Hearts Are in England  offers an impassioned salute to our most cherished destinations, taking inspiration from our many travels. Brew a cup of your favorite blend, and settle in a cozy corner to explore—and to celebrate—this treasured isle that we love so well.

Preorder your copy of Our Hearts Are in England, available in our online shop.

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