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FrouFrou Chic


Awash with delicacy, FrouFrou Chic ribbons are gently torn and frayed from natural silk hand-dyed in France by visual artist Heather Cowie. Drawn together by a shared passion for creating beauty, it was a natural fit for Birmingham, Alabama-based event coordinator and stylist Ginny Au to team with Heather to create an exclusive, limited edition palette of ribbons for her Bits & Bobs company. The whisper of romance unfurls in a dreamy cloud of color— Ballerine, Bleu Gris Clair, and Lavande, to name but a few. The ribbons can be purchased directly from the FrouFrou Chic website.


Featured in Victoria July/August2014, page 16.

For more information about Ginny Au, visit Images via



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