Meet Pomegranate Inc.’s Angela Beck

Textile designer Angela Beck has traveled the world, but all roads lead home for this passionate artist, wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

Evocative of sun-drenched days and sentimental journeys, wispy block-painted textiles from Pomegranate Inc. speak of a lifestyle that is sophisticated yet approachable, much like company founder Angela Beck, of Lexington, Kentucky. “My overall creative and design process is definitely rooted in the cheerful palette of my childhood, the lush kaleidoscope of Kentucky, and the peaceful beaches of Harbour Island in the Bahamas,” she says.


Angela grew up exploring her mother’s art studio—an enchanting playground where, from an early age, the girl was encouraged to experiment with different media. College studies in art history, fine arts, and marketing refined her creative talents, and her first foray into the marketplace was making fashion accessories by hand to sell to top department stores. “I learned that I love people and do not have the temperament to remain in a studio,” the proprietress admits. “But I needed an outlet for my creativity that was marketable and practical.”


Fascinated by the artisans and the creative energy of India, Angela founded Pomegranate in 1995, after the birth of her first child. She incorporates the vivid hues of the Bahamas into blithe patterns that are blocked and fashioned by hand in India. From the majestic Lexington Thoroughbred farm she shares with her husband, Anton, she endeavored to build a business her daughter would be proud to carry on. Nearly two decades later, the mother of five produces décor, table linens, and apparel that enhance the experience of home for loyal customers throughout the world.

From “A Fruitful Enterprise” in the March/April 2014 issue of Victoria magazine.

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  1. I have always loved Victoria Magazine…in fact, you are what inspired my very own blog! Thank you for such great stories and articles. I love reading about entrepreneurs!

    ~ My Love Light Lace


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