Master of Needlework:
Carol Pyykkonen

Carol Pyykkonen Victoria magazine

Michigan artist Carol Pyykkonen celebrates her muse in masterful needlework; sewing beaded heirloom pieces that convey her zeal for a craft that brings tranquility to body and soul.

Carol Pyykkonen Victoria magazine

Like a fairy godmother, Carol Pyykkonen transforms German porcelain dolls, garbing them in ornate dresses sewn with aged fabrics and diligently applied beadwork. Personalized passports made from fabric and charming accents are works of art to be treasured. 

Carol Pyykkonen Victoria magazine

Lovingly crafted as a gift for a bride, this sublime bouquet is comprised of timeless brooches and beads.

Carol Pyykkonen Victoria magazine

“For me, knitting is a mantra; sewing is a mantra,” Carol explains. “I get so much satisfaction from creating things from my heart. And it makes it so much more special when other people love them.” 

For more of this story, see “A Stitch In Time”, from our October 2014 issue of Victoria magazine.  


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  1. Dear Carol Pyykkonen,

    I saw the article in Victoria Magazine and loved the beautiful bride bouquet with all of the stones, brooches and beads. So different. What is the cost for one of those bouquets?
    Please contact me with information at
    All of your work is very beautiful.

    Pamela Mercatili

  2. Carol, your work is exquisite. What a gift you have. Do you have a shop? or is there a way to commission work? Look forward to hearing from you.

    PS. Did you used to have a shop in Andover, Massachusetts?

  3. Hi from Vancouver Canada,
    After seeing the article in Victoria regarding Carol Pyykkonen I would love to find out if she has a catalogue or a website where I can view more of her beautiful work? Also, if I were to order from her does Carol send to Canada?

    Many thanks for sharing this talent with us through OUR FAVORITE magazine!

    Jeryll Smith,


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