Manor of Service: Erddig Hall

Immerse yourself in the upstairs-downstairs lifestyle of seven generations of British gentry through a tour of the United Kingdom’s beloved landmark, Erddig Hall.


Lauded as one of the best-preserved British historic homes, this favorite National Trust property in the Welsh countryside boasts a fascinating cache of antiques chronicling more than 250 years in the aristocratic Yorke family.


A rare collection of priceless family heirlooms and humble domestic articles gives modern visitors a glimpse into bygone days. The manse is elegant yet unpretentious, with rooms above stairs reflecting fine details in design and craftsmanship. Below stairs, early household appliances, paper records, and other memorabilia reveal the inner workings of a bustling manor estate from the late-eighteenth to the early-twentieth century.


To learn more about Erddig Hall, see “Stairway to History,” on page 27 of the September 2013 issue of Victoria magazine.

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