Make Your Own Seed Packets

Seed Packets

As growing season begins, contemplate extending your joy long after by saving seeds from your garden. Gather flower seeds, taking care to keep each variety separate. Remove any debris, such as leaves or stems, and dry in small batches in a warm, dry spot. Create packets by downloading this Seed Packets Document for eight different types of flower seeds, plus a blank packet on which you can write the name of any seed not listed here. Package and date each batch, and share your favorite blooms with friends and family.

Enjoy a multitude of floral delights, plus tips on creating eye-catching bouquets in our Gardens of Bliss 2016 issue of Victoria.

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  1. I wish you had a magazine every single month because I have withdrawals when a month goes by without one!! My heart simply cannot wait to look at the most gorgeous photos…. This magazine has truly been therapy for me…all psychiatrists offices should have a subscription to this magazine! But then they wouldn’t make any money!

  2. So frustrated that the price for a print issue of Victoria increased by $3.00 beginning with the May/June 2016 issue and worse, that no notice of this increase was posted prior to the increase in price. I can well understand the reason related to production costs and that each issue covers two months; however, it is a steep increase and may discourage
    readers from buying print issues, and this would be a great shame. Moreover, it is unpleasant to see the commerce-driven model revealed behind such a once-lovely rose.
    Thank you for reading. LR Jordan


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