Make a Stunning Autumn Wreath

Fall Wreath

A walk through the glowing gold of late-afternoon sunshine can yield bouquets of leaves in the varied hues of the season’s palette. Hung on the door with sumptuous cranberry red satin ribbon, this wreath is an inviting greeting for friends and family. 

• Floral foam wreath (available at flower supply shops)
• Crowning Glory spray-on flower shield (available at flower supply shops)
• Fresh cranberries
• Craft or beading wire
• About 25 stems croton leaves
• 1 bag dried oak leaves (available at craft stores or at Dried Flowers “R” Us.)
• About 20 stems craspedia, or drumstick flowers
• About 20 calla lilies
• 1 bunch moonshine yarrow
• 2 bunches aster solidago
• 5 feet double-faced satin ribbon 

Buy all components one or two days before assembling. Spray all the flowers with Crowning Glory.
2. On the day of assembly, put the floral foam wreath in the sink, and saturate with water so that it is thoroughly wet but not dripping. Remove, and place on paper towels or newspaper on a table for assembly.
3. Prepare the cranberries: String three onto a piece of craft or beading wire. Leave about two inches of wire at the end for inserting into the wreath. Make about ten of these cranberry “stems.”
4. Assemble the wreath: Cut the croton leaves into the shape of small, oblong leaves, making sure to leave the stems on the leaves when you do this. Insert the stems into the foam at an angle, and push in as far as the stem will go.
5. If you don’t like the placement of the leaf, remove and start in a new spot (if you try the same hole, the foam will not hold it in place). Stick them all around the wreath in this manner, remembering to put some in the sides as well. Don’t worry about covering all the foam; you can fill the empty spots with filler flowers later.
6. Tuck the oak leaves into the foam wreath in the same manner.
7. Trim the stems on the calla lilies to about two inches, and repeat process with the calla lilies.
8. Follow with the craspedia: Trim the stems to about three inches, and place them into the foam, making sure they are visible above the leaves and calla lilies.
9. Repeat process with the cranberry “stems.”
10. To fill the empty spots: Trim the moonshine yarrow and aster solidago, and use them to fill any holes around the wreath.
11. To hang: Have someone hold the wreath for you; thread one end of ribbon though the center. Bring the two ends of ribbon together, and pin to the door or wall. Trim the excess, or tie a bow and trim.

Fall Wreath

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