A Love of Color: Julia Knight Collection

Julia Knight

Having lived and worked in the United States and abroad, Julia Knight let her experiences guide her into launching Stampede, a brand that later transitioned into the Julia Knight Collection. She designs her versatile kitchen items for a multitude of occasions and to be used throughout the year.

Julia Knight

Julia Knight began her career as an associate at a Bloomingdale’s beauty counter, and eventually became an executive for health brands like Thymes and Growing Healthy. She is deserving of the title “global traveler”: she was schooled in Paris and has traveled extensively to places like Italy and India. Her ventures, combined with her daily immersion in the world of luxury products, led her to create her brand.

Julia Knight

In the beginning, the American West and Southwest influenced Julia’s functional gifts, but it was her exhilarating trip to India that propelled the serveware aspect of her company. Reminiscent of her travels, her pieces are infused with color. Texture, another important characteristic of her products, lends authenticity. Along with her dinnerware pieces, Julia designs bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Julia Knight Collection jewelry embodies her love of distinctive hues and sophisticated composition.

Julia Knight

One of her newest lines, known as Eclipse, is distinguished from her other items by its minimalist aesthetic: “The collection’s imperfect shapes are perfectly natural, showcasing light-filled beauty in one-of-a-kind pieces.” This handmade design is, she says, the “epitome of artisan authenticity.” The bowls and platters come in a variety of colors, yet are neutral enough to seamlessly complement almost any china pattern.

Text Nicole Caston
Photography Courtesy of Julia Knight Collection

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