Legacy of Luxury

Legacy of LuxuryCreative Director Fiona Flint sees no limits in turning inspiration into reality, and the company’s enviable inventory provides the proof, whether it is bold tulips woven in linen, flocked wallpaper resembling cut velvet, or beautiful tableaux sceniques echoing tapestries of the past.

And one cannot forget the trimmings! From spangles and soutaches to galloons and gimps, passementerie has a language all its own, one that Watts speaks fluently. The attention to detail is simply stunning. “Nothing can replace the human hand,” explains Marie-Séverine, “and we are fortunate to be able to work with a small number of artisans and weavers who have been part of the Watts family for many, many years.”

Text Karen Callaway
Photography Jane Hope

To learn more about these elegant textiles, see “Legacy of Luxury” in the September 2020 issue, available on newsstands and at Victoriamag.com.

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