Laura Ashley’s Llangoed Hall

Llangoed Hall, a grand estate on the banks of the River Wye in Wales, was rejuvenated as a country-house hotel and decorated in Laura Ashley’s signature soft palette and splendid flower patterns. Today, the elegant inn beckons visitors to its delightful suites and superb gardens. 

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  1. Does victoria ever offer group trips to England?
    After reading the article on llangoed hall, it would be wonderful to go with a group of ladies who shared my same interest!! (My husband would never go!)

    • I love England also especially the small villages and castles. I really want to go there one day before I die! Actually I would rather live there. My husband has no interest at all so I would love to go with other ladies that have that love for the English countryside.

    • I agree, I’d love to go with a group of ladies that share this sentiment, but I bet my upcoming future husband might want to tag along!!! LOL

    • Did u ever get to go? I have wanted to go back again. Sept, 2016, would be great. Live in co. Meet gals in ny, so fun as we would all like all things England. 70 now, business women, past antique dealer. Still love it.

  2. I have several original Laura Ashley pieces, and tiny pieces of fabric too, which I treasure greatly, and all from a time when Laura Ashley was just getting started!

  3. I share Angela’s idea about a trip to England with ladies who have the same interests! A wonderful book to read about England is “A Fine Romance–Falling in Love with the English Countryside” by Susan Branch.

    I have subscribed to “Vitctoria” since 1995 and have all of the old issues which I still go back and read.

    • I too have all of Victoria Magazines in collection – except those that were not
      printed during the time Victoria went out of print. But the day that I got my
      first copy again after the lapse in printing day – was definitely a day of rejoicing.
      Victoria in my mailbox is like a visit from my “best friend”. Please ladies if
      you get up a trip to England let me know.. Likewise my husband has no interest
      in going. I’ve only been to the airports in London as I traveled to Norway and

    • I too have the old issues dating 1999 and 2000 . I often enjoy looking through them Such nostalgic pictures! The photography of that “era” was artistically done with filters that made it all look beautifully haunting. When I got the new issues I was struck by how raw the light felt how bright, in a way felt rather too revealing. But I soon got used to it and started to enjoy the Victoria all over again. A good friend ,I might say that saves my soul over and over again:

  4. We have some very dear friends in Market Harborough area who we don’t get to see often enough, but Victoria magazine takes us back to the lovely English countryside each time a new issue arrives in the mail!

  5. I agree with the comments made by Angela and Wyn. I dream of spending a couple of days in this type of home and I know there are lots of women will spend a day or two to refresh themselves and be a woman.

  6. After reading some of the comments from the sweet ladies that have husbands with no interest to go — years ago I went to a travel agent and planned a trip to the English countryside complete with staying in romantic country inns. I insisted we go and he went. He LOVED it and is still talking about what a wonderful time we had! Maybe approach it this way with plans in place and a little crying may help too!

    • I too have all the Victoria magazines. I just can’t bear to get rid of them! And I also agree with the ladies about a trip to experience England! I would really be interested, plus meeting new people!

  7. Yes, the Victorian Magazines are a true collectors inspiration of color,design and inspiration .
    Laura Ashley had some delightful ideas for everything she did.

  8. Would certainly be interested in a Victoria Magazine trip to England! Have been to England several times. One of my favorite trips was several years ago with my then 80 year old mother on a Lord Addison Stately Homes and Gardens tour. It’s a memory I’ll always treasure!

    • Jennie, You would need to contact our customer service to find out any information about your subscription. They can be reached at 800-361-8059.

  9. In 1995, my husband and I spent 18 days in Britain.Being on a budget, we avoided London. Our aim was to see as much of the country as possible. We flew into Glasgow, rented a car and off we went. We spent two full days only in Scotland. Absolutely beautiful mountains and warm, friendly people. Armed with Karen Brown’s book on B&B’s, we went from the Lake Country in the north down to Wales and the Cornish coast in the south. Highlights- Yorkshire moors at night, high tea in Bath, lunch at Blenheim while filming for the movie “Restoration” was going on, and walking in Elizabeth I’s footsteps in one another castle. I went to see the Cotswolds, -lovely, but fell in love with so much more.

  10. I am surprised no one has commented on “A Fine Romance – Falling in Love With the English Countryside” by Susan Branch.
    It is a beautiful book with sketches and hand printed words.
    Make a pot of tea, set out your best teacup and settle in for a wonderful trip.

  11. My husband and I stayed at this magnificent hotel twice as we visited the Hay on Wye book festival which runs four or five days every year. I believe anyone interested in reading, rare books, and famous writers would love a trip to Wales. Llangoed Hall is more like a home than hotel, it is difficult to put into words it’s historic beauty… Arguably, the finest hotel we have had the pleasure of visiting.

    We hope to attend the festival again…old world romantic charm and cerebral stimulation, who would love that? Ladies plan your trip with husbands in tow, it will be an experience they will never forget.


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