The Language of Design: Sharon Hocking Interiors

The Language of Design: Sharon Hocking Interiors
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Q: What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

A: Honestly, I feel honored that people ask me into their homes and into their lives. I really get to know my clients and I feel very rewarded when they love working with me enough to tell their friends, who then become clients, too.

Q: What advice would you offer to women who are considering entering the design field?

A: I would offer this advice to others thinking of going into design or starting a business: Know what keeps you motivated and set yourself up to get that. What I mean by that is this: No one will walk into your studio each day and say, “Hey, you talented person, here is what you should get done today.” So, you have to know that you won’t always feel like doing the tasks that keep your business moving forward. We are all told to focus on our strengths, but that is where we usually spend our time because it’s natural to spend time in areas where we shine. Our weaknesses are what need attention, so if you are not good at marketing, hire someone who is. If you are not good with numbers and knowing how to actually make a profit, find someone who can help you access that part of your business. Meet with other people in your field to keep each other motivated and inspired by sharing stories of challenges and successes. And the big one—try not to compare your gifts and talents with those of others. Be yourself. Your gifts are unique and your business may look different from that of another person doing something similar.

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  1. Oh my big sister.! Thank you for the compliments. Although nothing is as savvy as you in the seventies with your blue and white bedroom with quilts and lace. Your style and kindness have endured the trends and those are truly admirable qualities!!


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