The Language of Design: Sharon Hocking Interiors

The Language of Design: Sharon Hocking Interiors
Karen J. Hawley Photography

Victoria: Please introduce yourself and Sharon Hocking Interior Design.

Sharon Hocking: I started my interior design business when the economy took a downturn and the design business I was working for had to let go of employees, as there were no new clients. I stayed in interior design because I love what a well designed and organized home can do for a family to enhance their lives, and I wanted to keep helping people accomplish that. It has taken time to build and grow my business, but I really love what it is today and all the potential for growth that I see ahead.

Q: What are your current design influences?

A: Living in the Pacific Northwest, there is ample inspiration everywhere I look. The color in the Columbia River Gorge changes each month and is a constant source of inspiration and excitement that ignites the creative embers. And Portland! It is a city rich with art, music, craft, design, and growth that is a constant, powerful source of creativity and life.

Q: What is important to you when developing a design for a new client?

The Language of Design: Sharon Hocking Interiors
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A: I approach each project with observation, listening, and thought. I have learned to pick up clues from initial interviews with clients that aid me in solving their design problems. My philosophy is to offer peace of mind that I can design a home or room that reflects the best of who they are and get the project completed and installed for them to enjoy. This is the result of many years of experience.

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  1. Oh my big sister.! Thank you for the compliments. Although nothing is as savvy as you in the seventies with your blue and white bedroom with quilts and lace. Your style and kindness have endured the trends and those are truly admirable qualities!!


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