The Language of Design: Balanced Interiors

The Language of Design: Balanced Interiors
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Q: What is important to you when developing a design for a new client?

A: It is important to me that the end result surpasses my clients’ expectations.

Q: What is the most common mistake you see homeowners make?

A: The most common mistake I see homeowners make is not consulting with an interior designer before beginning the project. I’m often called into a project to “fix things,” which is costlier in the end. I love meeting with a client at the start of a project so I can detail for them what to budget for and what to expect throughout the project. They express to me their wish list and I work with the contractor to ensure it is all incorporated in the overall plan and budget. It makes the entire process actually enjoyable for all parties involved, and at the end of the project, there are no surprises or disappointments.

Q: Please share with us a memorable project you have worked on.

A: My most memorable project is one I designed with a client from southern Rhode Island. Working with her on her condo, which was intended to be the model in her complex, was a pleasure! She shared her spark and enthusiasm in everything she set out to do. I envisioned she and her husband Jim would spend many years there watching the sunset and spending time with their family. That was our intention, for everything we selected. Sadly, our dreams turned to disappointment and heartbreak when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away less than a year after moving in.

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