The Language of Design: Balanced Interiors

The Language of Design: Balanced Interiors
64 Degrees Photography by Lisa Bruno

Q: Could you share your design philosophy and any design influences?

My style or philosophy is about creating balance in a room while remaining mindful of one of my favorite sayings: Less is more. I strive to create visual interest by integrating nature’s beauty and elements into my designs. That means balancing texture, shape, and color to create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This encompasses the elements of feng shui. I feel being in tune with nature’s rhythms allows us to feel more in harmony with the world around us.

My perception of design has been influenced by my good fortune to travel, in the past eight years, to several European countries. Seeing and appreciating vibrant and expansive landscapes, classic and timeless architecture, and then returning home and using that classic foundation to create something new and functional to meet a modern-day need is exciting. On a recent trip to Scotland, I was awed by a retracting paneled wall in Edinburgh Castle that’s inspiring me to recreate and modify a wall panel that will conceal a flat-screen television or breakfast bar. The tartan patterns abundant in Scotland for centuries are trending here in upholstery fabrics, clothing, and even wrapping paper. I love seeing the classics being revived in new fashions. That is what constitutes good design.

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