Keepers of History: Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle

An ages-old edifice rises from the English countryside, its sawtooth parapets pointing to the azure sky above the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire.


On the castle grounds, tendrils of clematis vines wind around seemingly brittle ruins that have endured centuries of weather and war, as well as a number of monarchs. Vestiges of the estate’s earlier days, the stones are what remains of the old Banqueting Hall and the Tithe Barn.

Sudeley Castle

The gardens are simply breathtaking. Elizabeth, Lady Ashcombe, chatelaine of the castle, explains: “Sudeley’s gardens are made up of a collection of cameo gardens, each expressing a theme or period of [the estate’s] history.” Among these botanical inspirations is the Queens’ Garden, named for the four queens who have strolled the grounds, and the Tudor Physic Garden, which contains healing herbs and plants the Tudors and the Elizabethans would have grown.

Sudeley Castle

Lady Ashcombe graciously allows visitors a glimpse of the splendor of bygone days. Many rooms in the castle are open during public tours; at certain times, a few of the private quarters are on view as well.

Sudeley Castle
Photograph by Will Juhasz

Lady Ashcombe, along with her beloved miniature wire-haired dachshund, Tulah, often stroll the garden paths or enjoy walks down the West Drive into the nearby town of Winchcombe. To read more about her life at Sudeley Castle, look for her blog on the estate’s website,

Photography Kate Sears

 To learn more about Sudeley Castle, see “Keepers of History” on page 41 of the September 2016 issue of Victoria.




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  1. Wow ! This September 2016 British Issue is by far one of my favourites ! Every story and photo spread is spectacular! This article about Sudeley Castle is only missing one thing…. more pages of text and more photos! I am doing extra research online about this castle due to your article and it’s utterly fascinating!

    The architecture, the gardens, and the interiors shown are gorgeous!

    Thank you for making this English boy-at-heart very happy!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. My husband and I had our first date at Sudeley Castle; we will have been married for 30 years in October. This articles brings back wonderful memories for us.


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