Inspired Style: Wallpaper


Recently, I have found that my favorite spaces—whether images on the web or the homes of friends and family—all have a touch of wallpaper. There is something about the textures and the color palettes that is so inviting! Stepping into a guest room that features an antique bed and a wall covered with roses and vines in full bloom can transport you to a different time. A cozy nook adorned with dark-navy wallpaper is the perfect spot for curling up and reading a good novel from cover to cover. Do you have wallpaper in your home? I would love to see your prints and designs! —Beth K. Weimer, Stylist, Victoria magazine  

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  1. I design wallpaper and fabric so I do have a lot of it. Check out Spoonflower for thousands of amazing prints. Many of mine are antique reproductions or inspired by the Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian ages. The cool thing about Spoonflower wallpaper is that it is removable!


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