Inspired Style: Summer Flowers

Inspired Style Summer Flowers

Summer flowers are one of my favorite things. The array of color is amazing, and the options for obtaining such beauty are endless. There are those who are able to cultivate and grow a gorgeous garden that makes you want to relax there with a favorite book for hours. There is the joyful moment when a bloom that comes back year after year emerges from your lawn and takes your breath away. And of course, there are the lovely bouquets you bring into your home—whether fresh-picked or purchased. What types of flowers have you planted this year? Do you have a favorite arrangement among those you have created?

—Beth Weimer, Stylist, Victoria magazine

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  1. I live in California on the central coast & I love flowers & plants, but right now that we are
    in a 4 year drought trying to grow flowers is not in the best interest. We need to conserve
    water, so I need drought tolerant plants. I may just plant a few hardy flowers. I love Sun flowers & hlydrengia & Geraniums, but am wondering if the will survive. Where we are its
    not that hot during OUR summer, we are about 9 miles east of the Ocean. What suggestions
    do you have for me????


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