Inspired Style: Fall Finishes

Inspired Style: Fall Finishes

Possibly my favorite time of the year to decorate is autumn. The bliss of arranging harvest bounty is usually preceded by a few trips to local antiques shops, a visit to the farmers’ market for pumpkins and fruits, and an afternoon spent outdoors clipping beautiful fall foliage and collecting nuts that have fallen from the trees. During this season, weathered pitchers and rough wooden bowls and boards can become the shining stars in cozy vignettes. Whether styling a tabletop, bedroom, entryway, or gathering space, I always mix new finds with vintage treasures. Displaying lustrous objects amid tarnished pieces creates a brilliant effect, while adding in elements from nature gives the room a fresh feel.

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Text Melissa Sturdivant Smith


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  1. Autumn is my favourite season overall, and decorating for this season is easy as much of my decorating style and colours are easily matched with the feeling of Autumn.

    Much of my seasonal decorating comes from my own land which is rich in many coloured leaves and acorns than I can ever count – or the squirrels can ever collect! A large silver bowl with stag horn handles host an array of pine cones, acorns and some choice tartan ribbons to set off the mood! On my mantle are a handful of pheasant feathers in a china planter/cache.

    A perfect Autumn decorated cottage !

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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