Imbue Linens with Fragrance

Imbue Linens with Fragrance

Nestled in a basket, woolen dryer balls offer an all-natural alternative to synthetic dryer sheets. These charming orbs absorb moisture to reduce drying time, but they also release moisture during the cycle, thus preventing static cling and wrinkles.

  1. Choose pure wool roving or wool roving yarn, careful to avoid superwashed products, as these fibers have been chemically treated and will not felt.
  2. With hands, twist wool into a tight form about the size of a tennis ball. (The shape will not necessarily be completely round at this point.) Repeat to create multiple balls of wool.
  3. With scissors, cut the leg from a nylon stocking.
  4. Push the first ball of wool into the toe of the stocking leg, pull the nylon taut, and knot the stocking just above the ball. Slip remaining balls of wool into the stocking, knotting the stocking between each one to secure tightly.
  5. Machine wash and dry the knotted stocking on high heat. Repeat, if necessary, to ensure that each ball of wool felts into a compact sphere.
  6. Cut woolen dryer balls from nylon stocking.
  7. Use three or four woolen dryer balls in place of dryer sheets. Add a few drops of essential oil, such as lemongrass or peppermint, to the surface of each woolen dryer ball, if desired, before beginning a heat cycle.
  8. If woolen dryer balls begin to unravel over time, restore their felting by washing and drying on high heat in a knotted stocking, as needed.


  1. Nothing is more welcoming to sleep than turning down freshly laundered sheets with a hint of either rose or lavender !
    Breathtaking and intoxicating all at once !

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. I truly miss the fashions presented in the original Victoria Magazine. Also, the articles about famous women from our past. Its been so long you could reprint them…not many would know…Nance

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