How to Craft a Citrus Wreath

How to Craft a Citrus Wreath

Use garden shears to clip sprigs of fresh greenery and berries. Arrange the greenery into bundles; use floral wire to secure the bundles of greenery and also to create clusters of citrus. Using twine-wrapped wire, attach bundles of greenery to the wreath frame. When the foliage begins to look full, adorn the seasonal beauty with touches of vibrant color from bright berries and fruits, fastening stems to the wreath with floral or twine-wrapped wire, as needed, for stability. When the finished wreath looks exactly as you’d like and all the pieces are secure, select a generously sized ribbon to hang the wreath from your door, window, or wall. Refresh fruit, as needed, for a stunning wreath that can serve as a focal point throughout the holiday season.

Photography Stephanie Welbourne Steele & Mac Jamieson

To learn more about how to decorate your home with scented greenery, see “Fresh and Fragrant” in the Holiday Bliss 2011 issue.


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