How It’s Made: Napa Soap Co.

Napa Soap Co.

The natural beauty and easy elegance of California’s wine country provides the inspiration behind Napa Soap Co. that is abounding with delicate bath, beauty, and home-care products with environmentally friendly ingredients. Lavender, grape seeds, and even wine lend the soaps, creams, and other products a distinctive Napa Valley flair.

How It’s Made

Step 1. Vegetable oils and lye are combined to make the soap base.

Step 2. The base is stirred and warmed to create a reaction between the oils and the lye.

Step 3. Ingredients such as essential oils, natural exfoliants, and herbs are added to the base.

Step 4. The soap is poured into molds to set up. The bars are transferred after 24 hours to curing racks, where they’ll stay for three weeks before they are ready to be sold.

Napa Soap Co.

Text Katie Brandon 
Photography Kate Sears

To see more of Napa Soap Co., see “Pure and Simple” on page 30 of the September/October 2008 issue of Victoria. 

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