The Holiday Issue: A November/December Preview

The Holiday Issue: A November/December Preview

Victoria’s sumptuous November/December issue is the ultimate companion for holiday bliss. Find a wealth of inspiration in an exquisite collection of interiors adorned to welcome Yuletide festivities, and discover the season’s finest selections in our most comprehensive gift guide of the year. Journey to snow-covered Canada, and experience the delights on offer at a Los Angeles–based paper company, where gift wrapping, under the care of a seasoned expert, becomes an art form unto itself. As liturgical artist Ellen Phillips creates her work with a sense of wonder and reverence, one carefully curated assemblage of religious relics brings the awe of history to a home. Plus: Prepare for end-of-year celebrations with delightfully tempting menus, and go behind the scenes of Paris’s most revered haute couture embroidery houses.

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