Holiday Blooms: Create a Living Centerpiece

Lydia Pursell How-to Guide

In our November/December issue, Leaf and Petal owner Lydia Pursell invites us into her family’s home, dressed for Yuletide with botanical selections from her popular chain of garden shops. During the holidays, the former magazine stylist brings beauty and fragrance into her interiors with fresh-cut garlands and wreaths. But along with these temporary additions, Lydia advises creating arrangements that can last through the winter and beyond. Below, see her step-by-step instructions for creating a magnificent focal point.

Lydia Pursell

Prepare a container. This vintage brass treasure, perfectly sized for a buffet or a dining table, was purchased for $20 at a church tag sale. Lining the bottom with floral wrap protects the patina from potential water damage. This waxed tissue paper can also be tucked between plants as a stabilizer, but Lydia suggests using torn-up grocery sacks as an economical substitute.

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