Happy New Year

happy New YEar

Happy New Year to you!

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  1. On page 5 of Victoria Tea Pleasures 2014 special issue to be displayed until 3/23/15 there is a pattern of china I’d like to know the name of. Specifically the cup inside of another cup on this page is the pattern I would appreciate the name of. My daughter really like this and I would love to give her a set if possible.
    I have enjoyed Victoria since it first came out in Winter of 1987/88. My family teases me about my ARCHIVES of Victoria however even they love looking at them from time to time. Very Carefully. Thank you for publishing such a delightful magazine. I love it!
    Brenda Henderson

    • The teacup I believe you are referring to is a part of a private collection, and we do not have the pattern name. However, there is one very similar, Royal Albert Lady Carlyle. It is for sale at replacements.com.


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