Handcrafted Valentine Inspiration

Handcrafted Valentine Inspiration

A nod to bijouterie boxes—small pine containers used to post baubles during the nineteenth century—this contemporary interpretation evokes the charm of timeworn parcels bearing their original tax imprints and wax seals.

  1. Cover your workspace with newspaper, kraft paper, or a drop cloth.
  2. Paint a papier-mâché box black; let dry completely.
  3. Cut papers to fit the top of the lid and sides of the box, and determine the arrangement that you like best. Set aside.
  4. Coat the top of the lid and sides of the box with a découpage medium.
  5. Begin pressing papers, as previously arranged, into the découpage medium you just applied. Carefully smooth out any air pockets. To overlap pieces, work from the background to the forefront of the design, applying découpage medium between layers. Let dry completely.
  6. Add embellishments with a rubber stamp. Let dry completely.
  7. Apply découpage medium liberally over box and lid. Let dry completely before use.
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