Sweet Traditions: Confections by Hand

“I don’t know if I am artistic, but I am a very detail-oriented person,” she explains. “I love order, beauty, and harmony in everything.” Although Christmas is prime baking time, Ivana also makes these imaginative tidbits for other occasions, such as weddings and Valentine’s Day, where flowers and hearts take center stage.

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  1. Being part Slovak, I can innately appreciate this beautiful and intricate art !

    I somehow can’t imagine eating these gorgeous pieces and would want to use them strictly for decorating the Christmas tree, much like Tasha Tudor did.

    Ummm…. I can almost smell the scent of the gingerbread from here!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. We are two ladies from Calumet MI, who love ur tea house, cookies, etc. We were wondering if u have a book on the teahouse, cookies, decorating, etc..


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