Fruit-Filled Desserts for Anne of Green Gables

Honey-Lavender Shortbread with Strawberry PreservesAnne of Avonlea, the second book in the L. M. Montgomery series, follows the title character from the age of sixteen to young adulthood. As her tastes are maturing, Mrs. Irving’s baked treats serve to delight the palate, as this passage attests: “ ‘Of course I’ll stay to tea,’ said Anne gaily. ‘I was dying to be asked. My mouth has been watering for some more of your grandma’s delicious shortbread ever since I had tea here before.’ ” To re-create this happy occasion, serve Honey-Lavender Shortbread with Strawberry Preserves. Here, golden cookies flavored with vanilla, honey, lavender, and cardamom sandwich a ruby-hued filling of tasty jam.

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