Fruit-Filled Desserts for Anne of Green Gables

Peach-Rosé Sorbet

In Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic tales chronicling the adventures of ebullient orphan “Anne with an e,” delightful new experiences often include those of a culinary sort. In an ode to the heroine of the beloved Anne of Green Gables series, we present three sweet recipes sure to please guests who gather to discuss this enchanting collection of tales.

“I have never tasted ice cream. Diana tried to explain what it was like, but I guess ice cream is one of those things that are beyond imagination,” the young heroine confesses in Chapter 13 of Anne of Green Gables. As inviting as a cool summer breeze, our mellow and fragrant Peach-Rosé Sorbet also defies description. The frosty treat epitomizes the season’s simplest pleasures, reminding us of Anne’s review of her first taste of a similar dessert: “Words fail me to describe that ice cream. Marilla, I assure you it was sublime.”

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