The French Issue:
Preview May/June 2017

The French Issue: Preview May/June 2017

Uncover the beauty of France in style and décor with Victoria’s May/June 2017 issue. Tour the manses and the vineyards of Aquitaine and Bordeaux, the château of the lovely and unforgettable Josephine Baker, and a restored manor-home-turned-bed-and-breakfast in the idyllic village of Chevaigné-du-Maine. Also in this issue: Don’t miss a selection from our bookshelf—Georgianna Lane’s vibrant Paris in Bloom, where the flowers, bouquets, and arboreal blossoms of the City of Lights come to life—and treat guests to afternoon fare fit for a French bistro or ready to be enjoyed en plein air.

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  1. Happy Easter to all my Victoria friends….

    This new issue is quite a delight! So many wonderful articles and photographs to enjoy! Although I am not the greatest fan of French style, I must say that this issue is really chock-full of inspiring photos to entice us all into cravings of Baguettes and herbed Chevre cheese !

    I was especially inspired by the lovely article about Prince Edward Island where lilacs and other beautiful flowers bloom in great abundance!

    I’m delighted with this May – June 2017 issue and wish to thank the editors for such a well-rounded collection of articles to suit every taste!

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. Paris is my most favorite city in the world. I have so many happy memories of my visits to Paris.

    I will order a copy of our May-June Issue.

    • I enjoy having the actual magazine in my hands…
      As an artist and collector, I must touch the lovely pages and add the issues to my collection of timeless magazines. Victoria had always been a favorite. I keep ALL my issues.
      Is the May/June issue on the stands now? I don’t want to miss it since I am a true Francophile. Memories of my many visits to Paris and other cities in France are enhanced by your articles. They are vicarious visits I can return to by just passing a page.
      Thank you…

  3. I have the latest issue in my hands now. I am immensely curious to know if anyone can identify the variety of rose shown in a photo on page 110 about the book “Paris with Love” by Georgianna Lane. Page 110 has 9 photographs presumably from the book and the roses are in the far right middle photograph. They are pale pink with bright pink centres. Unbelievably lovely.


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