The French Issue: A May/June 2020 Preview

The French Issue: A May/June 2020 Preview

Escape into the dreamy milieu of our annual French issue, where wonders await exploration in the heart of Paris and across the Loire Valley. Decorating inspiration abounds in the lovely maisons of homeowners who exude a gracious sense of style, and the Gallic influence continues with a menu celebrating the colorful gems on offer at an open-air vegetable market and in recipes showcasing the delightful pairing of lemon and lavender.

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  1. It brings back beautiful memories of when my sister and I went to France last year! What an amazing trip it was! Thank you!


  2. Have been to Paris and the Lorie Valley many times, last time was 2 years ago. Had been hoping to visit France this year, but I guess that won’t be happening. So grateful that we spent Christmas in London. I can wait until next year for Paris. I’m always so inspired by Victoria Magazine, it gives me such good ideas of where to go and what to see. I especially love your French and England issues


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