The French Issue: A May/June 2018 Preview

The French Issue: A May/June 2018 PreviewThe Heart of a Gardener
French poppies, peonies, and irises herald spring’s arrival on the stone wall–threaded property known as Oak Spring Garden in northern Virginia. Here, one woman’s legacy welcomes those who wish to further their knowledge of horticulture.


  1. I have enjoyed this beautiful magazine since the first issue. Every month has been a delight taking me to new places
    beauty and tranquility.
    This issue again is no exception, the gardens the beautiful homes and gardens in France.The beautiful stained
    glass windows of Norte Dame brought back memories of wonderful times in Paris.
    Thank you for Victoria I look forwar to every issue.

  2. Victoria Magazine is without peer. It appeals to our inmost feminine instincts and intuitions. It joyously revels in the distinctly feminine love of “pretty.” In taking us to France and especially to Paris, the most feminine of cities, you honor us. Thank you, Victoria, for celebrating the love of home. /s/ Patricia Hart McMillan, co-author, Home Decorating For Dummies (with daughter Katharine Kaye McMillan, Ph.D.).

  3. Is it still possible to purchase this issue with the chinoiserie on the cover? (May/ June 2018) Thank you! I love this magazine.


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