A French Cottage Preview

French Cottage</em> Preview

For those who have an affinity for venerable, aging structures, crumbling walls and missing roofs prove no deterrent to acquiring them. As Emily Dickinson once wrote, “The heart wants what it wants.”


  1. I have been a subscriber to Victoria magazine and have never been disappointed in any issue. The magazine has always been an inspiration for whatever decorating or design project you are working on. Pure e joyment.

  2. The first cottage looks like one in a recent movie on the Hallmark channel. Since I haven’t received any issues, it looks as if the business office neglected to put in a subscription for me. I am nearly 80, currently living in a rehab/health facility and recalling how much I enjoyed your magazine when I had a home. Thanks for sending these previews; it was a pleasure for me to see them. Andrea Martin, Rockland, MA 02370


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